Helping Welsh Businesses Get Online

Since 2003, Taith Design has worked with small businesses across South Wales - Cardiff, The Vale of Glamorgan, Bridgend and Swansea - providing down-to-Earth advice on all aspects of online business. Wether you're looking to refresh your online brand or are completely new to this, we'll be happy to explain your options and provide you with a no-obligation, jargon-free quote with no hidden charges and no attempts at selling you something you don't need.

If you find yourself answering "Yes" to any of the following then please get in touch and join the growing number of happy customers who have used us to create their online business!

  • You think you should have a website but don't know where to start
  • You want an effective way of increasing sales but don't want to spend a fortune
  • You called a couple of 'experts' and didn't understand a word they said!

What We Do

Whether you're updating an existing website or starting from scratch, we have the experience and skills to provide you with everything you need. If you're new to this, there are several steps to getting your business online. This is what your journey to online business looks like. Click on any item to learn more.

Other Services

You may have all the content you need for your new website, but if not, Taith Design can help source and/or create rich, engaging text, images and video to really make your site stand out and provide visitors with a great experience. Get in touch if you'd like to discuss any of these services.

  • Email

    Nothing spoils your credability more than an email address like
    Your new website will include a matching email address:

  • Logo Design

    A logo is the cornerstone of your brand. Taith Design can help refresh your logo or create a new one to suit your new website.
    Click here for more information.

  • Photography

    The internet is visually rich. Your website must include high quality photos, and perhaps video too. We can help produce or find this matieral.

  • Hosting

    Now that you have a website you'll need somehwere secure and reliable to hostYour web pages are stored on a computer on the internet called a 'host'. It's important this computer is always available to ensure customers can always view your website. it. This is all part of our service and costs are fully itemised.

Examples of Our Work

Kathryn Rees - Harpist

Kathryn Rees Welsh harpistKathryn Rees is a renowned harpist who performs thoughout the UK. Her website was out of date and didn't work on smaller screens such as mobile phones so it had fallen down the search rankings, meaning she was losing business to other harpists and musicians. We used stunning, full-screen images to create a striking new website and included the ability to click and hear Kathryn play. The site includes a contact form and links to her social media pages to leave clients in no doubt that she's a professional musician with very high standards.

The Education Academy

Online qualificationsThe Education Academy website was created from the ground up to support a brand new business offering online training and certifications. It's a simple but highly functional and informative website that needed to look modern and businesslike, but also uncluttered so that it works well on smaller screens such as smartphones. This project included logo design and the use of stock photography.

Mairs Bed and Breakfast

Mairs bed and breakfast Bridgend WalesMairs is a family-run bed and breakfast located in central Bridgend. The business was very busy during certain times of the year but struggled with bookings during the winter and school holiday times. Its new owners realised Mairs needed a website if they were to compete with other local accommodation. People searching for accommodation in the area get a great feel for Mairs and can make a booking online. Taith Design provided a complete service that included registration of their domain name, matching email addresses, logo design, photography, website deign, social media and links to their page on The high quality brand image immediately creates a good impression with potential customers and their business now enjoys a consistent level of bookings throughout the year.

Mabli TudurMabli is a young performer currently studying at the renowed Mountview Academy of Theater Arts in London. An online presence and image is really important for performers and her website makes full use of pictures, sound and video to showcase her talents. She is also an active blogger and links to her Wordpress site directly from her website, as well as all the usual social media sites: facebook, twitter, instagram and YouTube! Mabli has a professional, matching email address she can share with pride.


Plasterscene plaster restorationLee Smith established his specialist plaster moulding business over 30 years ago - before the internet existed! There was plenty of demand for design and installation but he wanted to generate more interest in his restoration service. Taith Design provided a complete package for Lee that included a new business name, logo, website, email, photos, social media and local directory registration.

What We Don't Do!

At Taith Design we specialise in quickly creating stunning, bespoke and functional websites. Our client's needs are often simple and met by single-page sites that are easy to read, navigate and use to make contact. Specialising in this kind of work enables us to keep costs low and turnaround times fast!

If your requirements are more complex, such as online selling or maintaining product catalogs, you have a huge choice of web companies who will be happy to help develop these for you.

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