We specialise in simple, functional websites that showcase your brand, are easy to use and carefully designed to look brilliant on smartphones, tablets and PCs.

The Process

  1. Review your goals - what are you trying to achieve?
  2. Review your target audience - who are you trying to reach?
  3. List and create your site's content - the text-based information
  4. Understand your brand and allow this to guide a variety of mockups with different visual designs
  5. Select your preferred layout and visual design for us to develop
  6. Design a logo, if required
  7. Source the necessary photos, videos and sounds, as required
  8. Create the site to function easily on all devices: PC, tablet, smartphones
  9. Ensure search engines (e.g. Google) list your site prominently in search results

Next Steps...

It's time to begin creating your social media accounts and have all these elements link together to truly begin unlocking the power of the internet!