Where To Start?

This whole journey might seem overwhelming at first, but like all journeys you simply need to take it one step at a time. Think about what you want to achieve by creating a website and being online. Whether you're in business to make money or not, one of the main reasons for being online is to reach more people and to provide information about what you do. Look beyond that. Try to list the fundamental resons for being online.

For Example...

  • To increase sales
  • To generate interest in an event or club
  • To increase demand for a particular kind of service or product
  • To attract a new kind of client
  • To find like-minded people
  • Appear to be a bigger organisation than you are!
  • To increase demand during seasonal downturns (e.g. during the winter or during school holidays)
  • To establish an online 'premesis' because you have no physical premesis to greet clients
  • Or simply because... you're always being asked for your website and email address!!

Make this list before you speak with any web designers! Keep it safe and refer to it reguarly to check you haven't lost sight of your original goals. Many web designers will convince you to invest time and money in some shiny feature that you actually don't need. At Taith Design we specialise in impactful but minimalist websites that serve your goals as efficiently as possible.