What's in a Name?

Choosing and registering the right name is the first and most important step in getting your business online. Your online name gives your business its identity. It's what is shown when customers search for your services online, what they will type into their web browsers to see your page and what your logo will be designed around. Taith Design will support you through this decision.

Selecting Your Name

Consider the following names:

  • www.apple.com
  • www.lewistravel.co.uk
  • www.gregs-travel-blog.online
  • www.thebestandcheapestpainteranddecoratorinengland.com

It shouldn't surprise you to hear that www.apple.com is already registered, so if you sell apples you'll have to think of another name! This is a common problem when trying to find an ideal name. Your perfect (or existing) business name may already be registered by someone else. If this is the case you'll need to find an alternative, but what to choose?...

www.lewistravel.co.uk is a great online name. It's short, easy to read and spell and tells people what the business is. Because of the .co.uk at the end, it also tells us that this is a UK-based business and is more likely to be included in the search results shown to those based in the UK.

Most of us are used to seeing .com or .co.uk at the end of web addresses, but what you might not know is that there are lots of these to choose from: .net, .me, .online, .tv, .club, .health are all available and add identity to your online name and business.

A long website name is more likely to be unique and available to register, but you need to avoid anything too long. You may well be the best and cheapest decorator in England, but choosing www.thebestandcheapestpainteranddecoratorinengland.com as your online name would be a very bad idea!

Registering Your Name

As part of our service, Taith Design will offer expert advice in choosing the best (and available) online name for your business. Once you have chosen your preferred name we will register it on your behalf. The fees associated with this depend on the 'value' of the name chosen and vary from pennies each month to several hundred pounds per year. Again, we will advise of this during the selection process. Once your name is registered, and so long as you decide to continue paying the annual fee, the name is yours and yours alone.

Next Steps...

Now you have a name for your online business you can start to think about what information should be included on your website and how it should be shown. It's time to check your list of goals again, and to design a logo!