Get Found!

5 billion internet searches are performed every day. When potential customers are searching for a business like yours online (for example, using Google) you want them to find and visit your website, not your competitors!

A whole industry exists to promote websites and keep them near the top of search engine results and some pay large fourtunes for this privelidge. Local businesses who offer unique products or who have something that sets them apart from their competitors need not spend anything extra to get strong search results, especially if the strategies below are followed, but there are some great and effective options for promoting your website through a range of campaigns, especially if yours is a new business. Taith Design can advise you and make sense of all these options.

Strategies for ensuring your website is found by potential customers:

  • Design your website around whatever it is that makes you, your service or products unique and special
  • Create your content to a high standard: ensure it works on all web browsers and all devices
  • Present relevant information and avoid repetition
  • Stay active on social media in a way that supports your website and area of expertise
  • Properly register your website with all search engines
  • If yours is a local business, properly register it at a local level to ensure local people find you when searching for your products or services